Thursday, August 25, 2005


Meeting: 7p, James Lobby, Thursday, 9/1

Is there something valuable about having children of one’s own? Do parents of only adopted children and people who never have children miss something important? Consider: Women accept permanent bodily changes to have children, and both men and women willingly give up their time, money, and personal freedom to take care of their offspring. Humans have an instinctual desire to have sex, but humans can control their instincts, so instinct alone cannot explain why we procreate. What can be said about people who purposefully have children even though they cannot support them financially or emotionally? At what point should procreation be considered an immoral act? This month, the philosophy discussion group will be discussing the morality of procreation.

Read these links before the meeting. Feel free to comment before and after the meeting.

  • Voluntary Extinction
  • The Purpose of Sex

    Additional Links:
  • Procreator's Responsibility
  • Choosing Sterility

    Thanks to Lacey for the research and writing on this one.

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