Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cody's Thoughts

Yeah. So, there's this guy named Cody Andrews who is bent on blending a session of the philosophy discussion group with one of his RA programs.
This is his space to inform y'all of his ideas and to convince y'all that it would be a good time.
So far he has suggested viewing the movie Saved and then having an indepth discussion about the movie. I think the movie is about religion of something (hehee, note the title of the movie).

Cody, please post your thoughts within the next couple of days so that these good people do not think I am off my rocker.


Anonymous Cody A. said... thoughts...I thought it would really cool to partner together and do doesn't have to be about Saved...or any other movie for that can be whatever y'all want it to be...but my thinking is it would be a good way to get new and different people interested in PDG and it would be a program for me as an can be done instead of one of your normal meetings or it could be a separate's up to you guys...I just thought it would be fun and interesting...thanks guys...
-Cody Andrews, Cline RA extraordinare-

7:10 PM  
Blogger CSC said...


I sounds like a fine idea to me, except I'm not sure what is involved. Would it just mean that people from your floor would be encouraged to come talk? If so, great.

Is there anything else it requires?


8:51 AM  
Anonymous Cody Andrews said...

I would advertise all over Cline and possibly in Rotary as well, but my residents would be encouraged to come, as would other RAs and RHA members. We can do it over a topic of PDG's choosing or I can come up with one (and have it approved by you). There wouldn't really be any specific requirements. If we do a movie, I'd be willing to provide the movie (I was sorta thinking Saved, I actually own it and I think it raises interesting questions) and we could split refreshment costs. Whatever we decide is appropriate. I'm really flexible on this, so give me some feedback...

2:39 PM  

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