Friday, December 09, 2005

January Discussion

What do you want to talk about in January?


Blogger Mike_Schwalke said...

Dr. C seemed lukewarm at best about aesthetics, mostly because he and the members of the PDG don't have the background in visual culture. But I have not given up on pushing this topic. I'd like to try and mull it over a bit during the break. Perhaps we do have the background if the right angle is taken.

More on this later.

I will also try to come up with some other topics.

3:06 PM  
Blogger CSC said...

Mike- I'd love to hear your ideas on an angle for aestheics. I'm not opposed in principle; just ignornant in practice.

I'd love to hear other's ideas for topic or angles as well. You need to procratisnate! Give me what you got!


5:13 PM  
Blogger LD said...

Um. yeah... Let's talk about art.

We could try to define art first. That would be fun. Emotion? Craftsmanship? Talent? a tool for Learning?

Mike suggested discussing Art's role in society, or something like that. The idea seems reasonable enough. What purpose does art serve? advertisements? propaganda?

I would agree with others who say that art is an acquired skill, one that demands long hours and devotion. Can we all agree on this point, or would someone like to argue that some people just have "the gift" or "the knack"?

Why do we devote huge stone buildings to wall paintings? It's a little bizarre to think about it now-- people walking through museums surrounded by security guards and cameras just to see paintings and maybe a few sculptures.


4:12 PM  
Blogger CSC said...

Maybe we could try this: Everyone needs to bring three things. One, a definition of art. It need not be yours, but you need to find one. Two, something, in your opinion, that is clearly art. It can be a poem, a picture, a song, whatever. Three, something that isn't art.

Does that sound like a fun PDG? Think we could get enough people to actually do it?


2:31 PM  
Blogger LD said...

that sounds great, perfect even.

it demands discussion and it forces everyone to throw out their opinions.

It'll be fun.

6:44 PM  

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