Friday, September 30, 2005


Remember, we are meeting Thursday, October 6th, 7p, James Lobby. RSVP to me, cciocche

Are we obligated to stick around his or her hometown? After being educated in a community and benefiting from its resources, a person could take what he or she has gained and then high-tail it to a city that could provide the individual with even more resources. As high school graduates continue to leave their hometowns looking for better opportunities, their home loses their best, and brightest. Those who remain in their hometown who invested in your education, including friends and family, do not get to enjoy the benefits of their investment. But should intelligent young adults be expected to stay in one location? How much should be expected of us? This month the Philosophy Discussion Group will be talking about what a person owes to their hometown, their community, or their state.

I'll post arguments for and against thinking we have an obligation to support our hometown in the next two comments. Add your own arguments, offer comments on them, and join us on Thursday.


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Filosophical Philms

People-- you know who you are-- have been discussing watching a philosophical film and chatting about it. Not my forte. Without explicit justification, I'm lost. But that's probably a character flaw. I should better. I need your help. Let's do it, maybe late Oct. or early Nov..

What film do you want to watch?

Suggestions have been made, but make them again, here, so we can compile them.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Caroline's Suggestion

Caroline also has a topic suggestion. The topic of TV Evangelism may be pretty interesting. Up until this summer, I was under the impression that people my age didn't subscribe to the Benny Hinn minstry set-up, but I was mistaken. I talked with a Centenary Student this summer who thinks that Benny Hinn is a good man. What do y'all thinK?

PS- Has anyone seen the movie Repo Man?

Cody's Thoughts

Yeah. So, there's this guy named Cody Andrews who is bent on blending a session of the philosophy discussion group with one of his RA programs.
This is his space to inform y'all of his ideas and to convince y'all that it would be a good time.
So far he has suggested viewing the movie Saved and then having an indepth discussion about the movie. I think the movie is about religion of something (hehee, note the title of the movie).

Cody, please post your thoughts within the next couple of days so that these good people do not think I am off my rocker.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oct. Meeting

The question:
What do you owe to the community you grew up in?

Community: Neighborhood, church, school, school district, local government, state government, etc.

Family- A person grows up in a city and he/she has brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins that live in the same city. The parents and grandparents of the person will continue to live in the city for the rest of their lives. Is the person obligated to stay there out of concern for his/her parents/grandparents, ensuring that the community prospers for their benefit.

Neighborhood- The children who played with you on your block reinforced or exposed you to important social skills (sharing, “playing nice,” playing fair). The interactions you had with their parents also exposed you to different parenting styles or rules of etiquette, making you aware of the differences within families.

Church- Help me out on this one guys....

School- *Free* school is cool. Your elementary and secondary school teachers put up with a lot of guff for very little money. Moody adolescents and unruly elementary school kids are not easy to put up with.

The community you grew up in provided you with the goods, services, and technologies that allowed you to develop into who you are today. You are a college student with a lot of potential. It seems unfair for the college student to leave his/her hometown forever. He/she benefited from the hard work of others (parents, teachers, pastors, lunch ladies, janitors, basketball coaches, etc.) and then moves to another city, enhancing the new location with his/her very presence.