Sunday, November 13, 2005

December Meeting

Did anyone suggest a topic for the December meeting?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Monogamy? PDG 11/10

When people enter into a romantic relationship, usually they expect monogamy. Sex with others, flirting with others, and even mere attractions to others are incompatible with a good, committed relationship. We are understandably jealous when a loved one strays, even if it is just in his or her heart. Some, however, question this conception of romantic relationships. They argue that life-long monogamy is unrealistic. Humans are emotionally and physically drawn to multiple partners. Jealously is unnecessary, and once we grow beyond it, responsible, open, and honest non-monogamy is possible. With people increasingly delaying marriage, and women increasingly pursuing careers, partners in long-term relationships can find themselves separated by hours, if not days. In light of these changes, should society hold on to its monogamous ideals for relationships? If so, how strict should they be? This month, the Philosophy Discussion Group will be discussing monogamy. Please meet us at 7 PM on November 10th in James lobby for pizza, drinks, and discussion. RSVP to in advance.

Thanks to Alysia for help with this one!

Please read the following articles that should help guide our discussion:

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