Friday, February 17, 2006

Tuesday, Feb 21 Meeting: The Environment and Individual Responsibility

You can easily find recycling barrels for paper, plastic, and aluminum across campus. If you recycle, you are helping environment. Right? But what can one person really do? In comparison to the damage that big industrial companies cause, the individual’s trash accumulation is minuscule. Or consider oil. Suppose you chose to drive less, and to walk, bike, or carpool. Suppose you buy a small hybrid instead of an SUV. How much difference would it make unless millions (or maybe billions) of others did the same? If recycling your garbage or saving gas doesn’t invoke the right kind of change, then what are individuals obligated to do? Join us Tuesday, February 21st at 7p in James Lobby to discuss the individual’s responsibility to the environment.

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The Druid Perspective

Basic definitions, focusing on water pollution

Oil Pollution